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The Aspen collar is a cervical spinal stabilization device. It is manufactured from plastic and Velcro with replaceable foam liners. The two-piece design allows for simple application and removal. It is easily modified by the Orthotist to maximize comfort, allowing usage for up to 3 months or as recommended by the spinal surgeon.

The Aspen is used for post-trauma and post-surgical applications. Common injuries treated with an Aspen are:

  • occipital condyle fractures
  • bony and ligamentous injuries from C1 – C7
  • diffuse soft tissue injuries from C1 – C7

It is also used to maintain a stable head and neck position to reduce pain for:

  • patients with neurological disorders
  • cancer patients for non-operative management
  • patients with musculoskeletal pathologies that cannot maintain their own neutral head orientation

It is often used for short periods of time to allow a patient to accommodate for muscle weakness post-Halo-usage.