PMT Corporation’s Halo system

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The Halo Cervical Orthosis is an external fixation spinal Orthosis that provides the greatest level of stabilization to the head and cervical spine. It involves the semi-permanent fixation of a graphite ring to the head with Titanium skull pins. Through a group of carbon fiber rods attached to a plastic sheepskin-lined vest, the head and cervical spine are maintained in a stable and optimally-aligned position.

This Orthosis is utilized to treat unstable cervical spinal fractures and often is an addendum to cervical spinal surgery to maintain position until fusion occurs or further surgical stabilization is performed.

The Halo Orthosis is often utilized for complex cervical fractures that do not avail themselves to surgical stabilization or in situations where surgical intervention is contraindicated.

Typically, patient care with a Halo is much more involved than with other types of cervical Orthoses. As the Halo is a complicated mechanical Orthosis, the patient will be required to make numerous follow-up visits to ensure that the torque setting of the screws and the alignment remain appropriate throughout the duration of care.