Osteomed Acute Instructions

A Spinomed or Osteomed Acute is a prefabricated spinal Orthosis consisting of a padded rigid posterior framework with several Velcro straps and a corset-type abdominal section. The rigid posterior section can be contoured to follow the alignment of the forward bending spine. The purpose of a Spinomed is to control thoracic kyphosis, reducing the strain in a painful spine. It is designed to reduce angulation of the upper thoracic spine secondary to:

• Osteoporosis or other osteopenic changes in bone
• Inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Numerous multi-level compression-type fractures


Its accessible design allows the wearer to apply and remove it without difficulty. Application is easily accomplished, even if the wearer has severely arthritic fingers with loss of dexterous function.

Under certain circumstances, the cost or a portion of the cost of this device may be covered for residents of Alberta by government funding.