Jewett Hyperextension Orthosis

Jewett with Cervical Extension

A Jewett is a type of spinal Orthosis that stabilizes the upper thoracic to the lower lumbar spine. It is a dynamic Orthosis which places the spine into hyperextension in an effort to offload the anterior aspect of one or more vertebral bodies.

Utilizing three points of pressure, the Jewett is diamond-shaped in appearance with pads at the sternum and lower abdomen. Additionally, there is a padded posterior strap which completes the hyperextension force.
It is appropriate for anterior wedge-shaped compression fractures of the vertebral body. Multi-level compression fractures may be treated with the Jewett brace, while more complex burst-type fractures are typically treated with a TLSO.

A CTO extension, consisting of a cervical collar and an aluminum upright, can also be added to a typical Jewett (CTO Jewett) in the instance of multi-level fractures in order to extend the functional range of the Orthosis. Under certain circumstances, the cost or a portion of the cost of this device may be covered for residents of Alberta by government funding.