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Custom-made foot orthotics (orthoses) are shoe inserts made to your personal foot shape. They provide support for the foot and ankle, helping to control excessive movement which may cause pain at any of: mid-foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

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We create a variety of specialized Foot Orthotics for specialized footwear. These can be very thin graphite insoles for dress shoes, or multiform athletic insoles for running shoes and ski boots. can be either Custom-made or Prefabricated; they may be designed from a variety of materials for a wide spectrum of purposes. Whatever their form, Foot Orthotics are designed to perform one or more of the following:

  • Alter foot function
  • Change foot alignment
  • Realign Ankle position
  • Shift knee alignment
  • Protect or Accommodate the Foot
  • Offload a sensitive segment or painful region of the foot

Foot Orthotics do not actually correct foot or ankle problems, but Orthotics can reposition the structures in the foot to optimize biomechanical function and reduce the chance of injury. Foot Orthotics may sometimes benefit a range of individuals that suffer with pain in their feet, knees, hips, and lower back. Those individuals who spend a great deal of time on their feet through excessive standing or walking in their work environment are a higher risk of injury. Athletes or anyone involved in a sporting activity are also predisposed to a greater level of compromise.

Some pathologies that benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calcaneal (heel) spurs
  • Excessive Pronation
  • Supination
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Hallux Limitus
  • Hallux Rigidus
  • Stress fractures
  • Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis in the Foot and Ankle
  • Diabetic Ulcers in the Foot
  • Post surgical Fusion to the Toes, Foot and Ankle
  • Ligamentous Injuries to the Ankle (Sprains)
  • PatelloFemoral Syndromes
  • Shin Splints ( ATSS, PTSS )
  • Poor Quadricep Muscle Tone
  • Ligamentous injuries to the Knee
  • Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis in the Knee
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Leg Length Discrepancies
  • Genu Valgus (Inward bending Knees)
  • Genu Varus  (Outward Bending Knees)

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Mayo Clinic

Many problems that are caused by sub-optimal motion of the foot and ankle can be addressed through repositioning via Orthotic alignment. Simply cushioning a painful region is not always sufficient to reducing pain if the pain is caused by the poor positioning of the joints of the foot and ankle with respect to the ground.
Sporting activities are especially hard on the feet. The effects of even small imbalances that are not ordinarily painful or damaging can be amplified by the stresses and loading of athletic endeavors. Foot Orthotics aim to remove the body’s need to compensate for these minute imbalances and can reduce the fatigue to these affected joints and improve biomechanical efficiency. Orthoses are very sport-specific and different sports require different orthotic management.
Diabetics and other patients with vascular compromise often have limited sensation in their extremities – especially in their feet. These patients may benefit from having accommodative foot orthoses to cushion and protect their feet.
Custom foot orthotics are created from a three-dimensional scan of the foot and created using CAD/CAM technology.


Children grow at a rapid pace. To help avoid the cost of custom orthotics that would quickly be outgrown, we can customize prefabricated inserts created by our Robotic Carver for children’s shoes. In circumstances where custom foot orthoses are the most appropriate Orthotic management, all costs will be discussed at the initial assessment.