What To Bring To Your Appointment:



  • Prescription or Referral from Physician, Surgeon, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or other Healthcare Provider (if you you have one)
  • Copy of any radiographic imaging reports that you may have pertaining to your current orthotic needs
  • WCB Claim Number and Date of Accident (if applicable)
  • NIHB Identification # (if applicable)


  • Shorts (knee brace appointments)
  • Shoes (foot orthotics appointments)
  • Any mobility aids that you would typically use some or all of the time (i.e. cane(s), crutch(es), walker…)
  • Any current or previous orthotic devices

Orthotic Insurance and Funding Information


Greenshield Canada

Cascade Orthotics Ltd. is a registered provider to Greenshield Canada.

Alberta Blue Cross

Cascade Orthotics Ltd. is a registered provider to Alberta Blue Cross. Due to the Privacy Act, we are unable to obtain information from Alberta Blue Cross about a specific policy, including the individual’s coverage. Policy holders should check with their Group Benefits administrator for more policy details.

Workers Compensation Board Alberta (BCSaskatchewan)

Before Cascade Orthotics may submit any charges to the Workers Compensation Board, it is necessary to obtain authorization from the Case Manager involved. To avoid delays in care, the claim number and Case Manager’s name and phone number should be available when booking an appointment. If possible, for older claims it is preferable to obtain authorization for the treatment prior to the appointment. In situations of a new injury authorization may only be provided only after an initial Orthotic assessment.


Payment Methods

We accept Visa / Mastercard, and remote e-transfers can be sent to the following email: payment@cascadeorthotics.com.