The Halo ring can also be utilized as a fixation device to the skull to apply traction to the cervical spine post-trauma in an effort to realign the cervical spine and reduce compression on the nerve roots or spinal cord. It is sometimes used pre-surgically to maximize alignment of the spine or reduce a deformity to optimize surgical outcomes.

The Halo vest may be applied post-traction or post-surgery to maintain achieved spinal alignment.

Halo Cervical Traction – Scoliosis

For some potential surgical candidates for scoliosis, halo traction may be employed pre-operatively for a period of a few weeks to a few months. The procedure involves the application of a halo ring with 4 skull pins for the adult population. For pediatric patients this procedure includes up to 8 skull pins and is usually performed in the Operating Room under a general anaesthetic. The traction weight used is typically up to 50% of the individual’s body weight or as tolerated.
The benefit of this procedure, is that it can significantly reduce the degree of scoliosis curvature preoperatively and subsequently reduce surgical time and complexity for the surgeon.